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Looking For Briarwood Apartment Rentals? Read Your Lease Like a Pro!

Can you guess the number-one mistake that apartment seekers make? We don’t want you to fall into the same trap while you are searching for Briarwood apartment rentals, so we’ll tell you: They don’t read the lease from top to bottom before they sign! You might be wondering: Who doesn’t read their lease? While most […]

Looking To Sell in Briarwood: A Quick Guide To Selling As-Is

We heard the news that you are looking to sell in Briarwood, but you have one issue. Honestly, you have several issues. Over the years, your home has amassed a not-so-short list of problems that you don’t want to repair before you sell. Perhaps repairs would put too much of a dent in your finances. […]

Briarwood Real Estate: Traditional Floor Plans Are Back on the Scene!

Open floor plans have been topping buyers’ wish lists for decades. They’re good for families, good for entertaining and good for just about anything! Then the pandemic hit, and people realized how much they value privacy. Buyers still love their open floor plans, but traditional layouts have made a comeback on the real estate scene. […]

Briarwood Condos: Finding a Place for You and Your Pet

So, you’re looking for a condo that works for you and your forever companion. We’re not talking about your significant other. We’re talking about your pet! Living with a furry friend in Queens has its challenges. Fortunately, plenty of suitable options await in Briarwood condos! Pull up a chair and listen to our advice on […]

Briarwood Co-ops: Prepping for Your Board Interview

Saying that co-op board interviews are stressful is like saying that sharks have sharp teeth. It’s stating the obvious! Now we’re seeing a lot of these critical meet-and-greets for Briarwood co-ops happen virtually. In addition to typical interview jitters, candidates need to get comfortable with an entirely new format. How’s that for nerve-wracking? What is […]

Briarwood Homes for Sale: Four Tips for Buying a Home in 2021

To say that the real estate industry has changed over the past year is a massive understatement, but we adapted. We’re ready to welcome buyers who are interested in Briarwood homes for sale! It’s time to dust off those real estate aspirations that you put on hold last year, but things are different. This year […]

Briarwood Apartment Rentals: Four Ways to Update Yours on the Cheap!

When you step inside Briarwood apartment rentals, you’ll see a little of everything! Some are brand-spanking new, some desperately need an update and many fall somewhere in between. If you live in an apartment, you might think you are stuck with a blah interior that doesn’t reflect your unique sense of style. This sentiment couldn’t […]

Looking To Sell In Briarwood: Three Obstacles to a Successful Sale (and How To Overcome Them!)

Selling your home is filled with emotions. Excitement, fear of the unknown, anxiety and nostalgia probably all creep into your mind at one point during the process. If you are looking to sell in Briarwood, buckle up for a crazy ride! Some people think that there’s no way to prepare for the potential hiccups that […]

Pricing Briarwood Real Estate To Move In a Buyer’s Market

The Briarwood real estate market is emerging from a year-long hibernation. If your plans to list your home were put on hold in 2020, it’s time to dust them off! We are currently seeing a buyer’s market in Briarwood, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put a “For Sale” sign in your window. With […]

Briarwood Condos: Have You Met Your Match?

We love to sing the praises of Briarwood condos, but we realize that they are not for everyone. Sharing walls with others, paying monthly maintenance fees and abiding by HOA rules are enough to make some people run far away from condo living. Others are attracted to condos by their amenities, prime locations and low-maintenance […]