Free Home Estimate

Free Home Estimate

When selling a property, it is critical to list it at an appropriate asking price. If the property is priced too low, the seller could lose money during the selling process. If it is priced too high, buyers may overlook the property in favor of more budget-friendly options. At Briarwood Realty, we gladly offer a free property appraisal for evaluation purposes to price your home with confidence.

What is a Property Appraisal?

A property appraisal shows how much money a bank might be willing to lend a buyer to purchase a property for sale. Often, a property appraisal is conducted by the buyer during the purchase process. At Briarwood Realty, we see value in the seller conducting a property appraisal prior to listing. In combination with a comparative market analysis, the data from a property appraisal provides a piece to the puzzle of pricing a home fairly. We strongly believe in the importance of a property appraisal, and offer this free service to our clients who are planning to sell their home.

The Value of a Property Appraisal

Obtaining a property appraisal prior to listing gives you an advantage as a seller in the real estate market. At Briarwood Realty, we understand that a free property appraisal is a significant benefit to the seller because:

  • If a property appraisal is performed before listing a home on the market, the data can be used to ensure that the home is not priced too low or too high.
  • Having a property appraisal available to potential buyers increases their confidence in the asking price.
  • A home that is priced using data from a property appraisal may sell quicker.

Get your Free Property Appraisal Today!

At Briarwood Realty, your best interests are our top priority. Our attention to detail allows us to provide valuable services that are often forgotten by other real estate agencies. Contact Briarwood Realty today for your free property appraisal for evaluation purposes, and let our agents guide you through the process of selling your home!