Mortgage Consultation

Briarwood Homeowners Benefit From a Mortgage Consultation

As a homeowner who lives in the neighborhood of Briarwood, in central Queens; it’s a community that borders the Kew Gardens interchange, one of the city’s most busiest traffic hubs, but it is also home to many residents who value a quiet, low-key way of life. With its mix of single-and multifamily homes as well as large co-op, condo and rental apartment complexes, it is still an affordable refuge for a diverse mix of middle-class New Yorkers. And that’s why a real estate professional at Briarwood Realty is there to guide sellers to get the most for their property’s value in this laid back New York City neighborhood. And we’ve also partnered with mortgage pros at MortgageDepot to offer Briarwood homebuyers and sellers free mortgage consultations to make their move into a new home a smooth and effortless process.

Why should a seller get a mortgage consultation?

Residents describe Briarwood as having good subway service, relatively reasonably priced real estate and a strong sense of community. This creates a demand for properties in Briarwood that has turned the market very active and that is both good and bad news for sellers in particular.

When a seller gets the highest value for their home it‘s always good news. But the flipside is the bad news that, buyers that are paying top dollar for a home aren’t willing to wait while the seller finds, purchases, and is ready to close on their new home. This is where a mortgage consultation with an experienced mortgage loan originator at MortgageDepot can help.

Immediately once sellers meet with their real estate agent at Briarwood Realty to officially list their home for sale, they should also meet with an experienced mortgage loan professional to arrange to secure financing for their new home. Because it’s never too early for a mortgage consultation when you’re selling your home.

The benefits of consulting with a mortgage professional

Each consultation is designed to give sellers information about various mortgage products offered by different lenders. The mortgage loan professional explains to the seller each step throughout the pre-approval application process during an initial mortgage consultation:

  • A comprehensive review a seller’s financial picture, including income, debts, savings and assets owned.
  • The Mortgage Loan professional will work in conjunction with the seller and the real estate sales agent from Briarwood Realty to determine the maximum amount of financing needed for the seller’s new home.
  • Review the available loan products that fit the seller’s financing needs, including varying interest rates.
  • Guide sellers through the preapproval application process with the lender chosen by the sellers.

Having a preapproval ensures that someone looking for a home has immediate credibility with sellers who may have offers pending from several other buyers to consider. This mortgage preapproval signals to a homeowner that the person making an offer to purchase has secured the necessary financing to complete the transaction in a timely manner.

For sellers of homes in located Briarwood, a mortgage preapproval obtained early in the process of selling their home offers them the peace of mind of knowing that they can accommodate a buyer’s request for a quick 30 day closing. The process of mortgage consultation allows sellers to be that much closer to being in their new home.

Schedule a mortgage consultation right away

Homeowners should let their real estate professional at Briarwood Realty know of their interest in scheduling a mortgage consultation. MortgageDepot loan experts will be happy to accommodate everyone’s schedule, to start your life in a new home.