Briarwood’s diverse housing options, convenient access to public transportation and welcoming atmosphere make it one of the most coveted communities in Queens. This urban enclave offers a larger selction of affordable single-family homes, multi-family units and co-ops compared to Manhattan and surrounding boroughs. Still, the time might come when you need to upgrade, downsize or seek another lifestyle. When it’s time to sell your home, Briarwood Realty will be ready to help you compete in the real estate game.

Pricing a Home Requires Strategy

When it’s time to list your home, choosing a strategy-focused professional with in-depth knowledge of your community and a pulse on local real estate trends is a critical move. The savvy agents at Briarwood Realty are the perfect place to start your journey. Our agents won’t let you fall into these common real estate traps:

  • Pricing your home too low and potentially throwing away thousands of dollars on your investment.
  • Pricing your home too high while buyers pass you by, leaving your home on the market for an extended period of time.
  • Not knowing the true value of your home in the real estate market, leading to extreme seller confusion and frustration.

Briarwood Realty’s Approach To Home-Pricing

Briarwood Realty uses a unique approach to pricing your home. This thoughtful approach incorporates these three components:

  • A comparative market analysis, which compares your home to homes that have sold recently in your community.
  • A free home appraisal, which is a process that estimates how much money a bank is likely to lend a buyer to purchase your home.
  • Our agents’ local expertise and grasp on the real estate market in Briarwood.

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If you are thinking about selling your Briarwood home, talk to a professional before you make a move! Our agents have the knowledge you need to get the price you want for your property.

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