Briarwood Apartment Rentals Are Bigger Than You Think

Briarwood apartment rentals have a reputation for being on the small side. If your needs are modest, you might end up in a studio. A studio apartment in Briarwood is a perfect opportunity to get your creativity flowing! Design a cozy urban oasis with these space-saving tips.

Purchase Sneaky Storage Solutions

Studio apartments are notorious for their lack of storage space. You can change that by outfitting your rental with under-bed boxes and decorative baskets. You’ll get bonus points for pieces that do double duty, such as a block-style coffee table that stores extra blankets inside.

Welcome Natural Light

Briarwood apartment rentals sparkle in the sun, and they look larger too! Use sheer curtains over your windows, and keep them open when privacy isn’t an issue. Light-colored walls will complement the sun’s rays, but ask your landlord before you add a fresh coat of paint.

Create Boundaries

A couple of stylish area rugs or strategic furniture placement can go a long way in maximizing a small space. Use these simple tricks to designate separate sleeping, living and eating areas within your apartment.

Use Your Walls

Since Briarwood apartment rentals are short on floor space, use your walls to hang hooks or shelves. Again, ask your landlord before drilling holes into the walls. If holes are against the rules in your building, consider a freestanding coat tree or a tall shelving unit that doesn’t need to be attached to the wall.

Put Kitchen Organization on the Menu

There are tons of life hacks for making a studio kitchen more functional. Shelf risers, pegboards, adhesive hooks and small rolling carts are inexpensive ways to make room for your kitchen essentials.

Invest in Dual-Use Furniture

In order to make the cut in your studio apartment, large furniture pieces should have multiple uses. Dressers that can double as television stands, a desk that can double as a crafting area…see what we mean?

Briarwood apartment rentals are in demand. Living in a studio apartment is a great way to get acquainted with the community! Contact Briarwood Realty today for more information on current apartment rentals.

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