Briarwood Apartment Rentals: Four Reasons To Rent Instead of Buy

You’ve heard all the pros of buying a home. You’ll build equity, you can make improvements to your space, you might have an advantage at tax time … These are compelling reasons to buy, but buying isn’t for everyone. Sometimes it makes more sense to rent.

If you’re looking at Briarwood apartment rentals, you’re making a smart move. You’ll see a world of difference between rent prices in Briarwood compared to Manhattan. Zumper recently reported the average cost of one-bedroom Briarwood apartment rentals at $1,700, far below Manhattan’s average price of $2,783.

If you’re still feeling the pressure to buy, we understand. Renting has gotten a bad rap over the years, so many people don’t understand the benefits. We want you to make an informed decision as you explore Briarwood apartment rentals, so here are four reasons why renting might work out for you:

  • Renting requires less up-front funds.
    If you need a place to live but don’t have a lot of cash on hand, renting might be a good option. With careful budgeting, you can put some money in the bank to cover down payment and closing costs when you are ready to buy.
  • Your monthly rent payment might be lower than a mortgage payment.
    If you’re paying less monthly, you’ll have another opportunity to stash some cash for the day you transform from renter to buyer.
  • Renting is a low-commitment endeavor.
    Briarwood apartment rentals are a great way to test out the neighborhood to see if you want to plant roots here. Typical leases last 12 months. If you still love it here after one year, you can look for something more permanent.
  • Renters save money on home repairs.
    As a renter, your maintenance costs probably won’t go beyond an occasional lightbulb. If your lights suddenly stop working or your water suddenly stops flowing, you’ll simply call the landlord for help. One exception: If you damage the property, you’ll likely be financially responsible. Check your lease for details.

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