Briarwood Apartment Rentals: Four Ways to Update Yours on the Cheap!

When you step inside Briarwood apartment rentals, you’ll see a little of everything! Some are brand-spanking new, some desperately need an update and many fall somewhere in between.

If you live in an apartment, you might think you are stuck with a blah interior that doesn’t reflect your unique sense of style. This sentiment couldn’t be farther from the truth! There are countless nonpermanent ways that you can add interest to your interior.

It looks like you’re eager to get started! Here are four of our favorite ways to give Briarwood apartment rentals a fresh look:

  • Washi tape for the win!
    Have you heard of washi tape? It’s a low-tack, patterned tape that has been popular with crafty folks for several years. Recently, it’s made its way into the home decor space. Get your hands on some and create a whimsical design on your walls. When it’s time to move on, peel the tape off and reclaim your security deposit!
  • Find a new use for fabric.
    Painting walls is usually a no-no in Briarwood apartment rentals, but you can outsmart your landlord by covering your walls with a large sheet or piece of fabric! This trick works particularly well for accent walls. A heavy-duty stapler is your best friend for this 10-minute task.
  • Tatoo your tile.
    No needles required! If you’ve ever put a sticker on something, you’ve already mastered tile tattoos. This is a budget-friendly way to transform a generic kitchen backsplash into a designer-inspired work of art.
  • Disguise funky floors with an area rug.
    Landlords rarely replace worn or outdated flooring if it is still functional. Throwing an area rug over unsightly floors is one of the fastest ways to bring Briarwood apartment rentals up to speed. Sisal and jute are affordable options that suit nearly any interior.

With a little creativity and a free afternoon, Briarwood apartment rentals can go from generic to jazzy! If you are looking for more ways to make your space shine, get in touch with Briarwood Realty today.

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