Briarwood Co-ops: Developing an Outstanding Board Package

You’ve been on the hunt for new digs, and you’ve found the perfect place in Briarwood. There’s just one thing: It’s a co-op, and you’ve heard that Briarwood co-ops require prospective buyers to complete a lengthy board application.

Should you pass up this opportunity just because of the paperwork or dive in headfirst? If the only thing holding you back is the application, we say dive in! Today we will share some of our top tips for compiling a stand-out board package.

Tip #1: Follow directions to a T.

We are stating the obvious here: When you’re developing your board application for Briarwood co-ops, do exactly as you’re told. Provide all of the information they request, but don’t include more than they need.

Tip #2: Don’t leave blank spaces.

If you leave a blank space or fail to provide a particular document, don’t expect the board to skip over it. They will probably contact you for the information, which might leave the impression that you are hiding something important.

Tip #3: Keep your package organized.

Make sure that as board members are reviewing your application, they can find the information they need. A table of contents is a huge plus.

Tip #4: Select stellar references.

When you are vying for a spot in Briarwood co-ops, you’ll probably need to produce several reference letters. Some will be obvious, such as a letter from your employer. They might also want personal references. Choose people who can vouch for your financial stability and would say that you would make an awesome neighbor. You might even get an extra gold star if your personal reference is a co-op resident or board member!

Tip #5: Treat your board interview like a job interview.

Dress for success, be excruciatingly polite and be familiar with your board application’s contents. Your interview is the icing on the cake of a solid application.

If the thought of a co-op board application still makes you quiver, talk to Briarwood Realty today. We are local experts in Briarwood co-ops and will put you on the path to ownership success!

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