Briarwood Co-ops: Prepping for Your Board Interview

Saying that co-op board interviews are stressful is like saying that sharks have sharp teeth. It’s stating the obvious! Now we’re seeing a lot of these critical meet-and-greets for Briarwood co-ops happen virtually. In addition to typical interview jitters, candidates need to get comfortable with an entirely new format. How’s that for nerve-wracking?

What is the best way to prepare for a job interview? Most people say to practice your answers to questions that your interviewer might ask. The same is true when we’re talking about co-op board interviews.

If you’re new to Briarwood co-ops, don’t panic! Here’s a list of questions that the board might ask you, along with points to consider when you respond.

1. Why did you choose this unit?
Avoid saying things like, “It was the cheapest place I could find.” Pay a few sincere compliments to the unit and the building, and call it a day.

2. Tell us about your job.
Again, focus on the positive. The board probably wants to know if your job is secure, so don’t mention how you survived the latest round of layoffs or how you don’t think your boss values your work.

3. Are you planning to renovate the unit?
Even if you are within your rights to renovate, big projects are disruptive. If you are looking at Briarwood co-ops, you might say that you want to live in the unit for a while before deciding if it needs an upgrade. If renovations are in your future, remember to read the rules to see what’s allowed and what type of approval you’ll need to proceed.

4. Do you entertain at home often?
Co-op boards favor quiet folks, so you might need to find another place to host those loud parties you love. It doesn’t mean that you need to stop socializing. Simply keep it down, and phrase your answer to reflect that.

If you are interested in Briarwood co-ops, it’s a great time to start your search! Talk to Briarwood Realty today for more tips on conquering an intimidating board interview.

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