Briarwood Homes for Sale or Rent

Briarwood is a lesser known, middle class neighborhood located in Queens. Clean, quiet, and readily affordable, this quaint neighborhood is attractive to families for its cheaper housing and small town community appeal.

Briarwood often falls under the radar, yet once it is discovered by lucky individuals seeking Briarwood real estate in Queens, people are lured in by the quiet appeal of this neighborhood along with the readily affordable housing. A notable feature of this town is the artwork on many of the historical buildings, which was done by students in the area and revered as part of the town’s culture.

This area carries with it a flavorful historical background. Settled in the early 1900s, Briarwood remained largely uninhabited until the early 1920s, and has been home to many celebrities and political figures. Briarwood offers

  • public schools
  • nearby shopping units,
  • and maintains a positive close-knit small town appeal that many residents of Queens can appreciate.

Unique in design, history, and its lesser known qualities, those looking for Briarwood real estate will not be disappointed. Homes are easily affordable, large and spacious for families, and feature a great small town community that is committed to history and class.

Perfect for families in the Queens area wanting a quiet place to call home, Briarwood real estate offers luxury at a price any middle class family can afford.