Briarwood Homes for Sale: Three Tips for Taking a Virtual Tour

Since COVID-19 restrictions have limited in-person showings, real estate agents have upped their game. Simple property photos on web listings have evolved into virtual tours that give buyers a 3D look at Briarwood homes for sale. The technology is so advanced it’s almost like being there in person!

There’s one problem: You’re not there in person. Your virtual tour might offer a very different experience than an in-person showing. If you take the right approach to your virtual tour, you can still get a good feel for the homes that pique your interest.

If you’re ready to embark on a virtual adventure to see Briarwood homes for sale, you’re in luck! Today we are going to share three tips for making the most of your virtual property tours:

  • Take it slow.
    Video tours allow you to view properties at your own pace. Pause and rewind as needed to examine every inch of your potential new digs. If your tour is conducted in real time, don’t be afraid to ask your guide to slow down, open closets or return to a space that you didn’t see in its entirety.
  • Remember that virtual tours have an interior focus.
    If you’re viewing video tours of Briarwood homes for sale, you’ll probably see very little of their exteriors and none of their neighborhoods. If your tour leaves a good impression, consider checking out the surroundings on your own. Things like public transportation access, proximity to parks and a general feel for safety are tough to capture on a video.
  • Take notes.
    During your virtual tour, jot down thoughts, questions and things that you want to investigate further if you decide to take the next step and see the property in person. Doing this will help you pay attention to the home’s details on your screen and focus your in-person showing.

Virtual tours make Briarwood homes for sale accessible to more people as we stay safe during COVID-19. If you’re thinking about buying in Briarwood, get in touch with Briarwood Realty today to learn more about maximizing your virtual tour!

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