Briarwood Real Estate: Four Easy Ways To Protect Your Home’s Value

If we say so ourselves, Briarwood is an amazing neighborhood! With easy access to the subway, a reasonable cost of living and a friendly vibe, what’s not to love? If you already own a piece of Briarwood real estate, you might stay here forever.

Life changes, and your real estate goals change along with it. Someday you might need to upgrade, downsize or relocate. If that time comes, you’ll want to make sure you get the most money possible for your Briarwood property.

Even if you stay put in Briarwood forever, here are a few common-sense things you can do to protect your home’s value:

  • Ditch the carpet. It seems like everyone is switching over to hardwood or laminate right now, and for good reasons. These floors are easy to clean and don’t show wear as much as carpet. Think about replacing your outdated carpet with something a little more durable and timeless.
  • Maintain your front entrance. If you are lucky enough to have a front lawn, it shouldn’t look like a jungle. Keep your landscaping simple, attractive and easy to maintain. All urban homeowners should make sure that railings are solid, door handles are functional and steps aren’t treacherous.
  • Keep your exterior paint fresh. Peeling paint is an eyesore. Most Briarwood real estate owners don’t have an abundance of outdoor painted surfaces, so this is an easy fix. Periodically check your paint for fading, peeling or outdatedness, and get the problem addressed. Even a freshly-painted front door can do wonders for your home’s curb appeal!
  • Stay on top of home repairs. If you consistently maintain your Briarwood real estate throughout the years, it will be more likely to receive a glowing home inspection in the future. We know it’s a pain to schedule appointments and budget for maintenance issues, but keeping your home in good repair will pay off if you need to sell in the future.

Your Briarwood real estate is your most significant investment. Get in touch with Briarwood Realty today to learn about ways to protect it!

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