Briarwood Real Estate: Traditional Floor Plans Are Back on the Scene!

Open floor plans have been topping buyers’ wish lists for decades. They’re good for families, good for entertaining and good for just about anything!

Then the pandemic hit, and people realized how much they value privacy. Buyers still love their open floor plans, but traditional layouts have made a comeback on the real estate scene. This is good news for Briarwood real estate, because many homes in this neighborhood were built before open floor plans were a “thing.”

If you are checking out Briarwood real estate listings, we encourage you to have an open mind for traditional floor plans. Put a few open and not-so-open layouts on your must-see list, and experience both for yourself.

Are you still reluctant to give traditional layouts a chance? Skim this list of three traditional floor plan pros to get excited about seeing them in person:

You can keep messy areas hidden in a traditional floor plan.
If your gourmet meal left a disastrous kitchen, you won’t have to look at the piled-up dishes until after you eat. Similarly, if the kids’ toys have created an obstacle course in the living area, you can scoop them up and hide them behind closed doors before guests arrive.

Traditional layouts offer more privacy than open-concept designs.
If a home office, separate playroom or hobby space is on your Briarwood real estate must-have list, you have a better chance of getting what you want in a traditional floor plan. If you select an open-concept home, you might have to get creative with furniture placement or moveable dividers to create “rooms” to meet your needs.

It’s easier to make decor decisions in a traditional floor plan.
Are you debating between a cozy farmhouse feel or a modern vibe in your home? If you have a traditional floor plan, you can have both! With multiple rooms, you don’t have to settle on a singular theme if your style changes often.

Whether traditional or open floor plans interest you, contact Briarwood Realty today! We’ll show you Briarwood real estate options that will feel like home.

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