Living in Briarwood Apartment Rentals: Be the Neighbor That Everyone Loves!

Living in an apartment isn’t easy, even if your rental is in the best neighborhood in the city. If you currently live in (or are thinking of moving to) Briarwood apartment rentals, how can you make it the best experience possible? By being a good neighbor, of course!

When you live in close quarters, being a good neighbor is necessary for survival. Here are four tips to help you do your part to create a pleasant environment in your building:

Tip #1: Observe quiet hours.

Loud gatherings, blaring stereos and the like are a no-no at any time, especially during quiet hours in Briarwood apartment rentals. Keep noise to a respectful level around the clock, and be extra-vigilant about your noise level during your building’s posted quiet hours.

Tip #2: Make sure that Fido observes quiet hours also.

If your roommate is your beloved dog, do what you can to make them a happy camper. Give your doggie treats, love and at least a couple of walks per day so that they don’t resort to vocalizing their displeasure. If you’re away from home for several hours per day, consider a doggie daycare service so that your pup doesn’t bark away the hours in your apartment.

Tip #3: Follow your building’s rules.

If you think that rules are meant to be broken, think again! This sentiment doesn’t apply in Briarwood apartment rentals. If you want to be a well-liked tenant (and if you don’t want to be kicked out by management), follow the rules. They are in place to keep the peace in your building.

Tip #4: Keep your exterior clean.

Your building’s hallway isn’t a storage unit, so find another place for your bicycle, winter wear or other bulky items. Also, refrain from sticking trash bags in the hallway until you get a chance to heft them to the dumpster. What if you don’t leave your apartment for two days? Talk about a smelly hallway and peeved neighbors!

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