Looking For Briarwood Apartment Rentals? Read Your Lease Like a Pro!

Can you guess the number-one mistake that apartment seekers make? We don’t want you to fall into the same trap while you are searching for Briarwood apartment rentals, so we’ll tell you: They don’t read the lease from top to bottom before they sign!

You might be wondering: Who doesn’t read their lease? While most people skim through this sometimes-lengthy document, speed-reading isn’t good enough to catch everything you need to know. How do you know what you’re getting into if you only caught half of the details?

Whether you are new to Briarwood apartment rentals or you’ve been around the block a few times, we’ve got you covered! Here are five points you need to look for in a lease:

  • Rent details: You probably already know how much your monthly rent will be, but the rent details don’t stop there. Make sure you understand when it is due, if there is a grace period, applicable late fees and where to deliver it.
  • Deposits: Understand how much you need to pay for a security deposit and what you need to do to get it back at the end of your lease. If you’re moving in with a furry friend, get the details on pet deposits and pet rent.
  • Utilities: Some Briarwood apartment rentals include certain utilities. For example, it is common for rent to cover trash pickup, water and sewer. Look for this in your lease so that you understand what you are responsible for each month.
  • Maintenance and repairs: If you have a leaky faucet, who do you call? If your refrigerator is on the fritz, who pays for the service call? Don’t wait until your apartment needs attention to find out this info.
  • Building rules: Most Briarwood apartment rentals have building rules that make the environment pleasant for everyone. Make sure you can live with these before you sign.

This list is a good starting point to help you decipher your lease. If you are interested in Briarwood apartment rentals, contact Briarwood Realty to learn more about lease lingo!

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