Mixed Use Properties

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Briarwood Realty specializes in real estate options that distinguish urban neighborhoods from other communities. Mixed-use properties are a common sight in walkable areas such as Briarwood, setting this coveted Queens neighborhood apart from suburban locales.

Mixed-Use Real Estate Defined

Mixed-use real estate is a type of commercial property that is intended to serve multiple functions. Mixed-use investments are diverse and customizable, with endless possible configurations. The most common blends found in mixed-use real estate are:

  • A retail and residential blend.
  • A retail and office blend.
  • An office and residential blend.

Purchasing Mixed-Use Real Estate

While mixed-use property transactions can overwhelm a buyer, they are an integral part of our job at Briarwood Realty. Our agents possess a keen knowledge of the mixed-use real estate market in Briarwood and will use our expertise to ensure that every detail of your transaction is managed.
Mixed-use transactions have specific characteristics that are vital to understand and can influence real estate decisions. At Briarwood Realty, we will guide buyers through the process by:

  • Helping the buyer verify the certificate of occupancy to determine if a property truly meets their needs.
  • Presenting loan options with the best rates for mixed-use property.
  • Explaining the terms of a potential mixed-use loan in clear detail.

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