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The Briarwood neighborhood of Queens is coveted by many who want to escape the fast-paced lifestyle of Manhattan. Briarwood residents boast about easy access to public transportation, affordability and a close-knit feel in their community. People who are planning to relocate to this residential enclave may find condos to be an appealing housing option.

Benefits of Condo Living

Condo living can be a good fit for the lifestyle of urban residents. Condo owners may experience the following benefits:

  • Condo residents own their unit and have the ability to customize their interior space.
  • Minor maintenance services, such as snow shoveling, are often included in standard monthly fees.
  • Major repairs and upgrades to the building are equally shared as a portion of monthly condo fees.
  • Community amenities may include a pool, playground or fitness center.

Condos for Sale in Briarwood

Those who are looking to purchase a condo in the coveted Briarwood neighborhood of Queens will see a range of options during their housing search. Available condos for sale may include cozy one bedroom/one bathroom units, spacious three bedroom units or any size in between. Examples of the types of condos that home buyers may find in Briarwood include:

  • A one bedroom/one bathroom unit in a high rise building with an outdoor pool and convenient access to public transportation.
  • A three bedroom/two bathroom unit with a private parking space.
  • A two bedroom/one bathroom unit with on-site laundry and a fitness center.

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