Briarwood Condos: A Step-by-Step Guide to Your Condo Purchase

Briarwood condos are a sensible option for many New York City buyers. They offer low-maintenance living and desired amenities without the nuances of co-op living or the high costs of single-family homes.

After finding a condo you love, we want you to understand what to expect next. Here is a step-by-step guide to navigate you on your search for Briarwood condos:

1. Analyze your finances.

It’s impossible to search for a home if you don’t know what you can afford. Obtain a mortgage preapproval before you even look at online listings, and don’t forget to figure maintenance fees into your budget.

2. Ready, set, search!

Comb through real estate search engines and local advertisements for Briarwood condos. If you feel overwhelmed, don’t worry! Tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll pull some options that you’re sure to love.

3. Make an offer on your favorite condo.

When it comes to making an offer on Briarwood condos, you’re not alone! We’ll do a comparative market analysis (CMA) to see what similar condos are selling for in the area and use those results, among other things, to devise a fair figure.

4. Home inspections, attorneys and due diligence, oh my!

While waiting for the seller to accept your offer, line up a real estate attorney and home inspector (we’ll provide referrals if you need them). After your offer is accepted, you’ll be ready to move quickly to due diligence and a home inspection.

5. Go through the mortgage process.

Most buyers need to finance their condo purchases. Follow your mortgage broker’s directions to a T to ensure that this process moves rapidly.

6. Complete the condo board application.

Don’t be intimidated by this! Applications for Briarwood condos are usually not as complicated as co-op applications.

7. The moment you’ve been waiting for: closing!

During closing, you’ll take a final walk-through, pay closing costs (you can work with your attorney on this) and take the keys to your new condo!

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