Briarwood Condos: Finding a Place for You and Your Pet

So, you’re looking for a condo that works for you and your forever companion. We’re not talking about your significant other. We’re talking about your pet!

Living with a furry friend in Queens has its challenges. Fortunately, plenty of suitable options await in Briarwood condos! Pull up a chair and listen to our advice on finding a place to live that you’ll both be barking about!

Make sure that the condos on your must-see list welcome pets.

Even though the number of pet owners has risen over the past year, some Briarwood condos still don’t accept pets. Don’t try to smuggle your golden retriever into a building with a no-pet policy. Stick to condos that accept pets. You’ll save yourself a big headache and an even bigger financial penalty!

Can you meet your pet’s needs in the neighborhood?

Is there a pet store nearby? What about a veterinarian? If you don’t own a car, you’ll want to choose a condo within walking distance of these necessities.

Gravitate toward green space.

As you tour Briarwood condos, take a stroll around the block. Is there a park nearby? Fido will certainly appreciate it if he doesn’t have to do his business on the concrete every time he goes for a walk.

Get a safe vibe from the neighborhood.

While you take that walk around the block, check for any red flags regarding safety. Choose an area that you would feel comfortable walking around at night in case your four-legged pal needs to make a midnight trip outside.

Focus on pet-friendly buildings.

Some Briarwood condos make it easier to live with a pet. They tend to advertise themselves as “pet-friendly” and might include amenities that will make your doggie smile under his whiskers. You might see a pet run, doggie waste bags or an on-site pet wash area in a pet-friendly condo.

If you are looking at Briarwood condos, contact us today! We’ll show you options that will welcome your dog, cat, hamster or another furry roommate with open arms!

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