Briarwood Condos: Have You Met Your Match?

We love to sing the praises of Briarwood condos, but we realize that they are not for everyone. Sharing walls with others, paying monthly maintenance fees and abiding by HOA rules are enough to make some people run far away from condo living. Others are attracted to condos by their amenities, prime locations and low-maintenance lifestyles.

Are you the condo type? Let’s find out! If Briarwood condos are on your list, ask yourself these four questions to determine if they are a perfect match for you!

Question #1: Can you live with the rules?

Condo HOAs are notorious for their strict rules, but these rules aren’t a con for everyone. The rules are there to make the condo a pleasant place for all residents. Review the rules before you commit, paying particular attention to things like their pet policy, quiet hours, views on subletting and other deal-breaking regulations.

Question #2: Can you pay the monthly HOA fee?

Briarwood condos typically require residents to pay a monthly HOA fee that varies widely between buildings. This fee covers things like common-area maintenance, amenity upkeep, security (if available) and the like. If you can’t consistently afford the monthly fee, you won’t last long in the building.

Question #3: Can you handle special assessments as they arise?

In addition to the monthly HOA fee, condo residents occasionally receive a bill for a special assessment. Special assessments are sometimes necessary to cover large-scale repairs and renovations if there are not enough funds in the HOAs reserve account. If you live in a condo, it’s smart to stash some cash to cover these unexpected costs.

Question #4: Are you a busy urbanite?

If you are too busy to deal with basic maintenance tasks, particularly exterior upkeep, condo living might be for you. Briarwood condos are known for their low-maintenance lifestyle. You’ll still need to change lightbulbs, fix leaks and keep your condo’s interior tidy, but at least the common areas will shine!

If Briarwood condos are catching your eye, it’s time to explore! Contact Briarwood Realty today to learn more about available listings.

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