Briarwood Condos: Understanding Your HOA Fee

If you’re looking at Briarwood condos, you’re probably finding some jaw-dropping deals. We’re seeing two-bedroom/two-bathroom units for less than $300,000 right now!

When you scroll through the listings, you’ll notice a dollar amount for HOA dues. Don’t ignore this number! In addition to your mortgage, you’ll pay this monthly fee to your new building’s homeowner’s association.

This fee is not a bad thing. It pays for the amenities that make Briarwood condos one of the best housing options in Queens, and your monthly expenses are still likely to be cheaper than they would be if you purchased a similar condo in Manhattan.

You’re probably wondering, what will my HOA dues cover? The answer varies between buildings. The more amenities your building offers, the higher your dues. Here is a list of the features that your fee might include:

  • Security: Many Briarwood condos take extra measures to protect their residents. While your safety is never guaranteed, a security system or an on-site guard might make you feel more at peace in your new digs.
  • Parking: Finding a place to stow your car is always an issue in New York City. Some Briarwood condos solve this problem by offering an assigned parking spot to their residents. You’ll pay a premium for this amenity, but let’s face it: You were going to pay a premium anyways!
  • Utilities: Depending on the building, the majority of your utilities might be rolled into your HOA dues. Before you get sticker-shock by the number, ask if utilities are included. If you don’t have these extra bills looming, it might make a high HOA fee seem more reasonable.
  • Common area upkeep: The lawns, hallways, outdoor seating areas and pools don’t maintain themselves! Nobody (including you) wants to live in shabby surroundings, so you’ll need to foot your fair share of the bill to keep these areas looking pretty.

Now that you understand what you might get in return for your HOA dues, you’ll want to put more Briarwood condos on your must-see list! Talk to Briarwood Realty today to view the latest listings.

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