Bringing Briarwood Condos Into 2021 With High-Impact Updates

It seems like everyone wants to make improvements to their space these days. There are even television shows and YouTube videos dedicated to the topic! If you live in Briarwood condos, you have a little more freedom to test out some of the projects that are going viral.

There is always room for improvement. Here are some of our favorite tips for adding some personality to your urban digs.

Tip #1: Read the rules first.

You were probably hoping to see a more exciting tip, but this one is crucial. Even though Briarwood condos tend to offer more leeway when it comes to making changes, your HOA might put their foot down if you get too carried away. Check with your HOA before you do anything permanent.

Tip #2: Paint your walls.

If you are prepping your condo to sell, stick with a neutral color. If you are planning to stay awhile, let your paint reflect your personality! Bright corals, ocean blues and earth tones are all on-trend this year.

Tip #3: Update your appliances.

Many Briarwood condos are on the small side. This means that your cooking, dining and living spaces are probably one and the same. Select sleek appliances to make your kitchen an attractive piece of your home. Make sure your new appliances fit in your available space, and don’t forget to consider function!

Tip #4: Minor details make a major impact.

If you’re updating on a budget, don’t underestimate the power of small changes! Whether you plan to sell or stay, replacing door handles, drawer pulls and light switch covers can instantly breathe new life into a dated room.

Tip #5: Reglaze your bathroom tile.

If your bathroom tile is circa 1980, it’s time to do something about it! Consider having it reglazed by a professional. They can update the color to something a little more 2021.

Are You Going To Sell or Stay?

No matter what your plans are, we hope we’ve given you some inspiration for making your condo shine. Contact us to learn more about living in Briarwood condos!

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