Searching for Briarwood Condos: Four Tips To Take With You!

Have Briarwood condos caught your attention in recent months? Although Briarwood offers an attractive mix of housing options, condos are an excellent way to get your feet wet in this popular neighborhood’s real estate market.

Condos are often more affordable than single-family homes, which is a distinct plus in New York City. They also come with plenty of other perks, such as a low-maintenance lifestyle and lots of amenities.

Are you sold on Briarwood condos? Here are a few tips from our expert agents to help you score a condo and become Briarwood’s newest resident:

  • Understand your HOA fees before you make an offer.We already mentioned that some Briarwood condos are kinder on your budget compared to single-family homes. As you assess your finances, don’t forget to consider the monthly HOA fee. HOA fees cover things like building maintenance and amenities. This fee varies widely, so make sure it tops your list of need-to-know info during your condo search.
  • Reveiw the HOA’s rules.Most condos have a set of rules that you need to follow to live in harmony. Before you commit to a condo, make sure you can live with the building’s guidelines. Typical policies in Briarwood condos involve pets, subletting and quiet hours.
  • Check out the common areas during an open house or private showing.Part of your HOA fee for Briarwood condos goes toward common area upkeep. If the common areas aren’t tidy and in good working order, it might hint at a poorly-run association.
  • Understand upcoming special assessments.Does the building have plans to replace the roof, rewire the electricity or undergo a significant painting project? If the association doesn’t have enough money to cover these major tasks, they will divide the cost among unit owners. This is called a special assessment. We don’t need to tell you how unpleasant it is to move into a new condo and immediately receive an unexpected bill for necessary upgrades!

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