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Looking To Sell in Briarwood: A Five-Step To-Do List

If you are looking to sell in Briarwood, you have a lot on your plate. Staging, open houses, prepping for your own move… All of these tasks become pretty overwhelming! On a positive note, your life will be easier if you work with an experienced real estate agent. Even so, it’s still wise to understand […]

Four Tips To Guide Your Briarwood Real Estate Purchase This Spring

If you’re checking out Briarwood real estate this season, be ready for a wild ride! People are emerging from their Covid-induced cocoons, so you might have more competition for the home you want. With interest rates on the rise, you’ll also need to pay extra attention to your budget. That said, it’s not a terrible […]

Briarwood Condos: A Step-by-Step Guide to Your Condo Purchase

Briarwood condos are a sensible option for many New York City buyers. They offer low-maintenance living and desired amenities without the nuances of co-op living or the high costs of single-family homes. After finding a condo you love, we want you to understand what to expect next. Here is a step-by-step guide to navigate you […]

Briarwood Co-ops: The Cons of Co-op Living

As much as we like our blog posts to be positive, we also need to share the not-so-good aspects of real estate so that our readers can make informed decisions. Getting unbiased information about what you’re getting into is especially important when discussing Briarwood co-ops. Co-ops aren’t for everyone. Their drawbacks are either minor inconveniences […]

Briarwood Homes for Sale: Tackling the Down Payment

When you think of down payments, what comes to mind? If you think of dollar signs, you’re right on the money (no pun intended)! If you’re looking at Briarwood homes for sale, you can make your life easier by having a substantial down payment ready to go. Down payments are tough to accumulate, but not […]

Living in Briarwood Apartment Rentals: Be the Neighbor That Everyone Loves!

Living in an apartment isn’t easy, even if your rental is in the best neighborhood in the city. If you currently live in (or are thinking of moving to) Briarwood apartment rentals, how can you make it the best experience possible? By being a good neighbor, of course! When you live in close quarters, being […]

Looking To Sell in Briarwood: How To Pick the Best Real Estate Agent

If you are looking to sell in Briarwood, you’ll need to find an agent that will maximize your chances at a successful sale. How does that happen? There are lots of ways to find real estate agents these days. Internet searches, recommendations from others and checking out the names listed on local “For Sale” signs […]

Briarwood Real Estate: Fun Facts That Might Surprise You!

Some people think that real estate is a pretty dry topic, but we couldn’t disagree more. Real estate is full of fun facts and interesting stats. In today’s post, we are going to share a few of our favorites. While these apply to markets across the country, they also apply to Briarwood real estate. The […]

Searching for Briarwood Condos: Four Tips To Take With You!

Have Briarwood condos caught your attention in recent months? Although Briarwood offers an attractive mix of housing options, condos are an excellent way to get your feet wet in this popular neighborhood’s real estate market. Condos are often more affordable than single-family homes, which is a distinct plus in New York City. They also come […]

Briarwood Co-ops: Our Answers to Your Subletting Questions

If you are familiar with Briarwood co-ops, you probably already know that residents need to follow a specific set of rules. You know what they are: quiet hours, pet policies, maintenance fees and things like that. Do you remember the section of the rules that talked about subletting and roommates? If not, it’s time to […]