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Briarwood Real Estate: Four Easy Ways To Protect Your Home’s Value

If we say so ourselves, Briarwood is an amazing neighborhood! With easy access to the subway, a reasonable cost of living and a friendly vibe, what’s not to love? If you already own a piece of Briarwood real estate, you might stay here forever. Life changes, and your real estate goals change along with it. […]

Bringing Briarwood Condos Into 2021 With High-Impact Updates

It seems like everyone wants to make improvements to their space these days. There are even television shows and YouTube videos dedicated to the topic! If you live in Briarwood condos, you have a little more freedom to test out some of the projects that are going viral. There is always room for improvement. Here […]

Briarwood Co-ops: Developing an Outstanding Board Package

You’ve been on the hunt for new digs, and you’ve found the perfect place in Briarwood. There’s just one thing: It’s a co-op, and you’ve heard that Briarwood co-ops require prospective buyers to complete a lengthy board application. Should you pass up this opportunity just because of the paperwork or dive in headfirst? If the […]

Briarwood Homes for Sale: Getting a Bargain This Winter

Have you been dreaming of Briarwood homes for sale, but do you have reservations about the costs of purchasing real estate right now? The year 2020 has left many people in financial turmoil, so we understand your concerns. It’s currently a buyer’s market in Briarwood, so it is a great time to investigate real estate […]

Briarwood Apartment Rentals Are Bigger Than You Think

Briarwood apartment rentals have a reputation for being on the small side. If your needs are modest, you might end up in a studio. A studio apartment in Briarwood is a perfect opportunity to get your creativity flowing! Design a cozy urban oasis with these space-saving tips. Purchase Sneaky Storage Solutions Studio apartments are notorious […]

Looking To Sell in Briarwood: A Guide To Selling Safely During COVID-19

Real estate transactions are complicated enough. Throw a worldwide pandemic into the mix, and it’s a recipe for some unpredictable events! If you are looking to sell in Briarwood, stay with us for some helpful advice on selling safely (and successfully!) during COVID-19. Create Stellar Virtual Tours If you are looking to sell in Briarwood, […]

Briarwood Real Estate Wows Urban Buyers

If you are thinking about purchasing a coveted piece of Briarwood real estate, you’re in good company. What makes Briarwood one of the most in-demand communities in Queens? Read on to find out why Briarwood residents stick around for generations! An Affordable Place To Call Home Briarwood real estate typically costs less than other areas […]

Briarwood Condos Are an Opportunity for Ownership

At Briarwood Realty, we are never surprised when we see renters turn into buyers in our neighborhood. That’s where Briarwood condos enter the picture. If you are thinking about buying in Briarwood, it’s time to see what condos bring to the table. Is It a Condo or an Apartment? Sometimes it’s hard to tell if […]

Briarwood Co-ops Are Another Real Estate Opportunity in Queens

If you’re browsing home listings in Briarwood, you’ll probably see co-ops featured time and time again. Don’t skip over these opportunities! Today, we are going to let you in on the must-know secrets about Briarwood co-ops. Co-ops Explained How do Briarwood co-ops stand out from other multi-family arrangements? Here are a few key differences: Co-op […]

Are Briarwood Homes for Sale in Your Future? The Trends and Lifestyle of This Queens Community

In autumn of 2020, all signs point to a buyers’ market in Briarwood, Queens. Inventory is heating up with new Briarwood homes for sale listed every day. If COVID-19 has made you a little apprehensive about making a real estate move, we want to be the first to tell you that it might be time […]