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Briarwood Real Estate Abbreviations for Beginners

Briarwood real estate is awash with industry-specific terms and abbreviations. It’s hard for the average buyer or seller to keep up with the lingo! If you’ve found yourself smiling and nodding as your agent explains the ins and outs of your real estate transaction, this post is for you. According to our clients, those pesky […]

Briarwood Condos: Understanding Your HOA Fee

If you’re looking at Briarwood condos, you’re probably finding some jaw-dropping deals. We’re seeing two-bedroom/two-bathroom units for less than $300,000 right now! When you scroll through the listings, you’ll notice a dollar amount for HOA dues. Don’t ignore this number! In addition to your mortgage, you’ll pay this monthly fee to your new building’s homeowner’s […]

Briarwood Co-ops: Change Your Layout With These Four Tips!

Briarwood co-ops are more than just a place to sleep after a day in the gritty city. Since we’ve been spending more time at home over the past year, our humble abodes have functioned as home offices, hosted virtual cocktail hours and been a place to pursue our hobbies. What if your co-op is short […]

Looking To Sell in Briarwood: Ask Yourself These Questions First!

To sell, or not to sell? If you are struggling with this age-old real estate dilemma, you’re not alone. We’ve been there. When we are faced with the decision to sell, we ask ourselves a few key questions. When clients who are looking to sell in Briarwood approach us, we ask them the same questions […]

Briarwood Apartment Rentals: Living Peacefully With a Roommate

In New York City, apartments and roommates go hand-in-hand. If you’re checking out Briarwood apartment rentals, you’re probably on the lookout for a roommate to split the costs. Living with roommates can be a blast! In the best-case scenario, you’ll have an instant workout pal, coffee companion or binge-watching buddy. What if you and your […]

Briarwood Homes for Sale: Three Tips for Taking a Virtual Tour

Since COVID-19 restrictions have limited in-person showings, real estate agents have upped their game. Simple property photos on web listings have evolved into virtual tours that give buyers a 3D look at Briarwood homes for sale. The technology is so advanced it’s almost like being there in person! There’s one problem: You’re not there in […]

Briarwood Real Estate: Four Easy Ways To Protect Your Home’s Value

If we say so ourselves, Briarwood is an amazing neighborhood! With easy access to the subway, a reasonable cost of living and a friendly vibe, what’s not to love? If you already own a piece of Briarwood real estate, you might stay here forever. Life changes, and your real estate goals change along with it. […]

Bringing Briarwood Condos Into 2021 With High-Impact Updates

It seems like everyone wants to make improvements to their space these days. There are even television shows and YouTube videos dedicated to the topic! If you live in Briarwood condos, you have a little more freedom to test out some of the projects that are going viral. There is always room for improvement. Here […]

Briarwood Co-ops: Developing an Outstanding Board Package

You’ve been on the hunt for new digs, and you’ve found the perfect place in Briarwood. There’s just one thing: It’s a co-op, and you’ve heard that Briarwood co-ops require prospective buyers to complete a lengthy board application. Should you pass up this opportunity just because of the paperwork or dive in headfirst? If the […]

Briarwood Homes for Sale: Getting a Bargain This Winter

Have you been dreaming of Briarwood homes for sale, but do you have reservations about the costs of purchasing real estate right now? The year 2020 has left many people in financial turmoil, so we understand your concerns. It’s currently a buyer’s market in Briarwood, so it is a great time to investigate real estate […]